3 of 5 Stars M Lathan
The story is about Leah aka Christine who was left at the orphanage as a baby. She was different than all the other girls at the orphanage. They called the orphanage a boarding school. She was bullied by the girls from the orphanage. Christine was an outcast, she felt insecure and she hated herself. Christine has powers and believes that she is a witch. The nuns at the orphanage told Christine that magic is evil and someone doing magic does not have a soul, therefore Christine believes that she does not have a soul, resulting in her struggling with depression. Christine was abducted by Sophia, a witch, to prevent her from falling into the hands of witch hunters. Sophia brought other gifted teenagers, a wizard and 2 shifters to the house to stay with her and Christine. Christine fell in love with Nathan, a shape shifter. Christine did not do a lot of magic in the book, only at the very end she starts moving things around, I expected more use of her powers and a lot more backbone from her…

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