Everwild by Kayla Jo

This YA series should be made into a movie! It is so much better than the Twilight Series! Witches, Warlocks, Werewolves, Elves…what a fabulous YA story…The 16 year old Willow Rose is a witch with the natural power of healing. On their 16th birthdays, all the witches go through a ceremony where they are presented with their talismans. These talismans will double their powers. Hekate the Queen of the Witches does not have the power of healing. She intends not to give Willow her talisman, and decides to hide this talisman in the heart of Everland, a place where no one wants to go as in this forest lurks evil beyond imagination. At the ceremony Hekate captures Willow’s 3 sisters in a box that Hekate calls the Pandora Box. Hekate tries to extract the healing power of Willow and this would kill Willow. The Head Warlock, his coven members and his warlock son Declan come to Willow’s rescue. Willow seeks out a Seeker, Carmela to show her where her talisman is. The Seeker pushes Willow and Declan through a portal that let them land in Everland. Willow needs her talisman to become powerful enough to defeat Hekate and to save her sisters. In this journey in Everland Willow and Declan face terrible horrors. Willow rescues and heals the injured werewolf, Chase, from a trap and he becomes her friend and follows her through the rest of the journey. Declan and Chase could not stand each other. They both like Willow a lot. This author really knows how to capture your imagination and I would recommend this Healer Series consisting of Everwild, Deadlands and Pandora’s Box to everyone who loves fantasy.

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