Dejavu & Destiny Synopsis

Dejavu & Destiny

Dejavu starts with the adventures of Angela, a woman that discovers that she has lived before, as Ishtar from Egypt. She astral travels to Egypt to discover that her powers could open the entrance to a pyramid.

She also finds Miysis, her lover and soulmate from her previous life. 

David, a friend of hers with photographic memory, reads the famous Book of the Dead and wants to use it for financial gain.

Vampire-like monsters try to suck the book’s knowledge through his veins, but Miysis rescues him and Angela and heals David’s wounds, also clouding his memory. David returns to Egypt to steal the Book of the Dead.
While exploring her previous life, Angela also finds out that Leila, who was in love with Miysis, killed Ishtar by pushing her down a flight of stairs; Ishtar broke her neck.

Miysis was given the choice to either reincarnate after Ishtar died, or acquire a power.  He chose to attain the power of healing.

Angela opens his eyes to what really happened on the day that Ishtar died, and he remembers that Anubis finally gave him the chance to reincarnate.

In Destiny, we find the reincarnated Miysis, who is born in Greece as Ambrose Linard.

His poor parents struggled for years to have a child.

An old lady with magical powers finally allowed their wish to have a baby to come true. The old lady then turned into a falcon and flew away.

We also meet Angela’s reincarnation, Beryl. 

When Beryl’s mother was pregnant with her, she dreamed about a specific jewellery box and bought this and a key at an antique shop.

Anchen, unknowingly, found the key to the underworld that was around Angela’s neck, in this antique shop, although the scarab head of the key was empty and the stone inside gone. 

Beryl was born with the philosopher’s stone clutched into her left hand.

The stone fit perfectly inside the scarab head of the key to the underworld. 

When Beryl grew up, her husband pushed her over the edge of the mountain. She lost her baby and the use of her legs. Beryl’s husband divorced her.

She turned to Ambrose for help; an orthopedist with great healing powers.
He lets her regain the use of her legs, and she discovers in him her soulmate from her previous life. 

The wood-carved falcon on the wooden door that Ambrose father gave him on his 18th Birthday, comes to life, grabs Ambrose and flies away with him. The falcon then drops him at the feet of Beryl.

She puts the philosopher’s stone in his hands and the stone reflects his past lives, allowing him to recognize her as Angela and Ishtar.  

They get married. Beryl’s ex husband dressed as a Grinch tries to kill Beryl, but the bullet hits Ambrose.

Beryl then summons the scarabs and they eat the Grinch.

Ambrose is seriously wounded, and unconscious. While unconscious, Hermes, the carrier of souls to the under world, grabs Ambrose and drags him to the magical tree that guards the river to the underworld.

A five-headed serpent guards this tree.

Hermes throws a magical watch at the serpent which the serpent swallows and falls asleep for 3 minutes. 

Hermes and Ambrose jump to the other side of the tree that connects to the river of the underworld.

Hermes pushes Ambrose inside the boat of a winged man. The winged man takes Ambrose across the river of forgetfulness, which is full of ugly beast-like creatures.

The water from this river lets the souls forget their past within 3 minutes, and then they are reborn without any knowledge of a prior life.

Beryl sees through Ambrose eyes where Hermes and the winged man have taken him, would she be able to rescue the man she loves with all her mind, heart, body and soul from the underworld?

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