Klementos worked for a miserly duke who paid his servants a pittance.

Destiny – Copyright 2014. Flamingcrystal
In a small Greek village called Panteleimonas, about 3 kilometer from a castle that looks out over the ocean, a small boy is born.

He has pitch black hair and violet eyes and his parents name him Ambrose Ciro.

They struggled for 8 long years to have a child, until one fateful day, having traveled to the ocean with their old, worn-down cart (pulled along by a pair of equally downtrodden horses), intent on enjoying a day by the sea, they came upon a frail old woman.

Klementos and Aretha had a hard life and were very poor. Klementos worked for a miserly duke who paid his servants a pittance.

As the harvest season had ended and grapes that were to be used for wine had been crushed, Klementos had a precious few days to himself (for the duke did not care to pay when there was no work to be done) and decided to take Aretha for a day by the sea.

The beach was deserted and quiet, the sea was a bright aqua-blue color and calm.

There didn’t seem to be anybody in sight, when they suddenly heard a piercing scream; a call for help.

Far out to sea they could see a tiny old woman thrashing between the waves. It was clear that she wasn’t a very good swimmer and that she would drown without help, so Klementos and Aretha both ran to the water and swam out to save her from such a fate.

When they got to her she desperately flung her arms around them both and they brought her to the safety of the shore.

When they were clear of the water Klementos picked the old woman up and carried her to the shade of a nearby tree.

Once there they could see that she had strange, silver colored eyes and as she took their hands in hers they felt an electric shock pass through them.

In a clear, pure voice, a voice that did not belong in such a tiny, frail body, she said: “My name is Circe.”

Circe wore a silver chain around her neck with an onyx amulet in the shape of a beetle.

She noticed Aretha looking at it intently, and she told them that in Egypt the beetle symbolized the triumph over suffering, the cycle of life, as well as rebirth after death.

With a smile she told them that their greatest wish – that of having a child – would soon be granted. But for this to come to pass they had to listen intently and follow her advice to the letter.

Aretha then asked the old woman if she were perhaps a witch, in reply to which the old woman asked, with some amusement, whether she looked like a typical witch.

Aretha laughed and replied: “No, of course not! If you were a typical witch you would have a nose that stuck out past your chin with a great big wart on it. Your belly would hang past your knees and you would have toenails long enough for a farmer to plough his lands with!”


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