“She couldn’t escape her demon because he housed, clothed and fed her.”

My Prison Without Bars: The Journey of a Damaged Woman to Someplace Normal by Taylor Fulks @TaylorTfulks20

Quote from her book “This woman had seen hell, literally, and could give you concise directions to its gates.”

The author are very talented and her descriptions/feelings are believable… Quote”if a vacuum had been turned on, and had sucked out her soul.”

From the age of 3 the girl was abused and raped by her own father who told her Quote: “you can’t tell mommy, because it would hurt her feelings; this is our little secret, just between you and me.”

Quote: “With all the trust and desire to please their parents the innocent child followed his directions.”

Then he hurts the child & threatening her Quote:”you don’t want to know what I will do to you if you tell” the poor child lands in a vicious circle of abuse…

I felt so sorry for this poor girl who went through this ordeal. No child should suffer this kind of abuse. I would recommend this book. Please have your tissues ready as you are going to cry!

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