I have no idea why I had this dream about a total stranger, whom I’ve never seen/meet before.

I was searching on Google for a photo of a male with the name Chris Hagen and I came across this photo of him and he is from Scotland, and a missing persons report was filed for him.


The reason why I was searching for a photo of this person with this name was to compare the photo of him to the person that I saw in my dream.

The face in the photo matched this of the person that I saw in my dream.

Firstly I am from South Africa, secondly I am NOT a medium, thirdly I am NOT a psychic, and I am not crazy.

I had a very strange dream on Tuesday morning January 13th, 2015 around 3 am South African time.

In the dream I noticed a small square road sign with a number “1” written in black paint, on it.

I entered a building that looked like a science lab, a few meters to the right from this road sign.

I stand in front of a lift to go to the 2nd floor, the doors opened but the lift was too crowded so I did not go inside.

I immediately noticed a very tall stocky-built man with dark-blonde hair and blue-green eyes that was inside the lift.

He is gorgeous. He stares at me and smiled, before the lift door closed, he called out to me “Hi I am Chris Hagen” then the doors closed and the lift starts going down.

Suddenly a very bright light came from inside this lift. As if it was an explosion or something.

I have no idea what that means.

I heard a loud ping, the sound the lift doors made when they are sliding open, and I looked through the window and saw the lift doors opened on the ground flour.

Then strange enough, Chris stepped out from the lift unharmed by this explosion, and he then walked down a wooden staircase near the entrance of this lift.

He looked up and our eyes locked.

He stepped away from the staircase and walk backwards while still facing me, and then he disappeared into the darkness of a nearby forest with very high trees.

I have no idea why I had this dream about a total stranger, whom I’ve never saw/met before.


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