I am curious to discover more about the prophecy.

The Light Keepers by Mande Matthews

This is a very well written Intro, to her series. As usual it stops at the most interesting part, to get you curious as to what happens next…

The Light Keepers is a Prequel to The Shadow Light Sage and readers get to know Astrid, a lonely girl with powers.

I love the emotional conflict and the mystical detail of the story.

Astrid does not have a voice, yet she silently communicates with her protector, while being watched by the Shadows. If she slips into the Shadow world, she will be lost to the Light and then will be part of the darkness herself.

I am curious to discover more about the prophecy.


About the Author:

Mande Matthews is the author of the ShadowLight Saga & Queen’s Honor series.

The ShadowLight Saga is an epic adventure featuring unique magical worlds, powerful heroes and heroines each gifted with their own intriguing magic, and some kick-a sword play.

Queen’s Honor is a medieval romantic fantasy retelling of the Guinevere/Lancelot/Arthur love triangle with a Celtic magic undertone.

No matter the book, Matthews’ coming of age heroes and heroines learn to use their powers and abilities to navigate original worlds, and she thematically blends in hope and heroism into each tale.

Matthews is highly influenced by mythology, often pulling from Celtic, Norse, and Indo-European myths and legends for the basis of her magical systems.

All of her titles have hit number one international bestsellers lists, some holding their respective categories for over a year.

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