If it smells like rotten eggs, it’s a demon…


Hellsbane (Kindle Edition) by Paige Cuccaro

4 Star review March 27, 2015 By ©Flamingcrystal

Despite the Cliffhanger ending…the book is wriitten well and I would recommend it.

Emma Jane Hellsbane finds herself in the middle of a war between the angels and the fallen.

Emma always had the ability to sense other people’s feelings, and she turned that into a great paying ‘career’ as a ‘psychic’.

Suddenly Tommy Saint James, a gorgeous hunk from high school who disappeared in the middle of their senior year, lands at her front door bleeding from serious injuries.

He told Emma that not only is he a nephilim: half human half fallen angel, but so is she.

Emma didn’t listen to Tommy when he told her not to let the mailman in. She also did not listen when he told her not to pick up his sword.

If Emma hadn’t picked up that sword and chopped off the mailman’s head after it turned into a demon, the demon would have killed Tommy.

By picking up the sword, Emma changed from a nephilim into an illorum, a fighter against the demons and the ones who send them, the fallen angels.

If Emma didn’t want to become an illorum, she should have let Tommy die.

Now she’s a warrior for the light, constantly being hunted down by the demons and their masters…

Product Description on Amazon:
Twenty-three-year-old Emma Jane Hellsbane just found out she’s not human–or, at least, not only human. She’s half angel, too, and now Heaven’s got a job for her: round up all the Fallen angels and their red-skinned, horned devil-demon minions and boot their butts back into the abyss. Only problem? The demons and their Fallen masters fight back…and they don’t fight fair.

Luckily for Emma, she can put a stop to the constant threat of having her head hacked off if she figures out which Fallen angel is her father–and then kill him before he kills her. Of course, in the meantime, she’ll have to avoid accidentally seducing her angelic mentor, help an old friend conquer his own Fallen sperm donor, and basically save the world from a cataclysmic divine smack down.

No one said being Heaven’s bounty hunter would be easy. But with a name like Hellsbane, Emma Jane was born for the job.


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