A Brush With The Moon & Wham! Paranormal creatures are everywhere. Some with weird habits…

A Brush with the Moon (Foxblood Series Book 1) (Kindle Edition) By Raquel Lyon

Review April 6, 2015 By Flamingcrystal

Wham! paranormal creatures are everywhere… Some with weird habits. E.g is Connor a sort of peeping Tom or is he just at the right place at the right time?

Sebastian and Connor are cousins (werewolves) who fell in love with the same girl, well all the male characters, including Tyron the vampire, seems smitten with Sophie the foxy protagonist.

Love triangles, jealousy, etc reminds me of Twilight…

I also found it strange that Sebastian let Sophie (the girl he supposedly loves) watched when he changed to a werewolf and she didn’t get scared nor blink an eye.

So much for werewolves ‘normally’ forgetting the people they love when the animal in them took over, and they kill those that they love…

Product Description on Amazon:
One moment is all it takes to change your life. For Sophie, it happened the day the fox attacked her.

All Sophie ever wanted was a way out. Only a few weeks ago, she was a quiet art student with an overbearing mother and no higher dream than starting university and reuniting with her BFF, but destiny intervenes in the form of a fox bite.
If being attacked by a rabid animal isn’t freaky enough, her new town has secrets. People are dying, and Sophie feels she is being watched. Then there’s the arrogant and annoyingly sexy Sebastian with his plummy accent and come-to-bed eyes creeping her out. She should stay well away, but then he does live in the spooky manor house, and curiosity is her middle name.



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