Hold on to your horses! So many quests so little time…

Hold on to your horses! So many quests so little time…

This review is from: The Black Fortress (The Death Wizard Chronicles) by Jim Melvin.

A very short read. It started off well, grabbed my attention, but almost lost me near the end where the story should have peaked.

I actually felt sorry for the protagonist. Phew! *Whistle* The poor soul…so many quests so little time.

No wonder that by the time he gets to the beast he did not have enough steam/energy left to make this last, very important fight/battle the most exciting/outstanding one.

Despite that, I like the author’s writing style, and would read the next book in this series.

Product Description on Amazon:
Jim Melvin’s series, ‘The Death Wizard Chronicles,’ creates the world of Triken, where the evil, demon-spawned Invictus reigns over a tainted city and plots to take over the world.”

Centuries before the rise of Invictus, Torg fought another great war.

A Short 28 Page Story— Prequel to the highly praised Death Wizard Chronicles.

Torg, the Death Wizard and hero of The Death Wizard Chronicles, faces a hideous Druid Queen who controls an army of minions through the immense power of her will.

Among those doing her bidding is a Stone-Eater: a fierce and powerful creature who obtains its powers from eating stone.



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