The Angel of Death must battle them all in a holy effort to purge the earth of its human scourge.

Hercules Gone Mad – Part One: Resurrection of the Signal (Heroes of Dystopia Book 1)

(Kindle Edition) by Kurt Brindley

Product Description on Amazon:
The man known as Hercules, a handle bestowed upon him while an elite warrior in the former military of the former leading World Power, struggles to maintain his sanity in a world no longer known to him, a world no longer known to anyone who has managed to survive the collapse of its longtime established order and the brutality of the anarchic rule that has risen from its rubble; nor is it recognizable to anyone unfortunate enough to be immune to La Gran Muerta, the bloody disease that has decimated the global population; nor to anyone who has been captured, caged, and commoditized within a system that was formerly known as slavery but is now known as trade in human capital.

However, it is not the suffering that has befallen his insane world that is tormenting and degrading the former warrior’s mind – it is the suffering from the disgrace that has befallen him that is eating at his sanity. For it is his belief that he has committed the most heinous act a military man of honor and integrity could possibly commit.
And it is this belief that is driving him completely mad.

As he struggles to survive the madness, he must maneuver through all the evil raging around him, evil stoked by the continuing battle between the revolutionaries of Neo-Collectivism and the capitalist rebels committed to restoring the old order anew, but with their version of freedom and independence.

As this grand battle between the two political armies rage on, the De Borja Cartel seeks to extend its own brutal domain into the lands of the Northern Devil.

Yet while man battles man and Hercules battles self, the Angel of Death must battle them all in a holy effort to purge the earth of its human scourge once and for all so that she, at last, may attain divine ascension.

Flamingcrystal Author


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