Woof, on all 4’s waiting, tongue hanging out panting…high blood pressure does that in the middle-aged.

Hilarious – snarky, witty & steamy encounters…

If you need a good laugh, this book is for you.

I am quoting some of Berty’s remarks that had me double up with hysterical fits of laughter! “Truth be told it was a long time since he’d seen anyone’s mesmerising sight and he couldn’t believe his luck…Woof, on all 4’s waiting, tongue hanging out panting…high blood pressure does that in the middle-aged”

Bertram & Gertrude’s Steamy Amsterdam Weekend: A gent in Amsterdam. (Kindle Edition) by William Frederick

Product Description on Amazon:

Imagine this…

Bertram, the epitome of the antiquated British patriot, takes a much needed holiday from his demanding job as a bumbling Intelligence Analyst at The Ministry.

He flies to Amsterdam to meet up with Gertrude, after a separation of twenty five years. She is the woman he should have married all those years ago and is still the love of his life.

Will they get on after all this time? Will she want his body? What would she do with it? Could she still be that naughty?
Why is he asking you?…

As fate would have it, they get seconded into the Dutch Secret Service to help fight a dastardly gang of Chinese, criminal, drugs blighters.

Whilst our two heroes go about their investigations, Bertram is horrified to learn that the wicked gang have kidnapped Gertrude!

Tormented, Bertram has to get her back – whatever the cost!

Why? Because Bertram has finally realised that life without Gertrude is like a pencil with a broken tip – pointless.

Observing ‘Moscow Rules’ and with the help of a bunch of friendly Scouse chums and a bee hive, Bertram extracts his terrible revenge in a heart-pounding climax!

This book’s got it all. Humour, romance, intrigue, hot erotic rumpy-pumpy, heart rending thrills, plenty of home-rolled, carrot-shaped, pure weed, spliff-cigarette-reefer-joint-marijuana-roach-type doobies and not forgetting the all essential take-away food.

You will laugh… You will cry… but you won’t want to put your Kindle down until you’ve finished reading Bertram & Gertrude’s Steamy Amsterdam Weekend!

…Also, the author’s wife says it’s a Thumping Good Read!


Flamingcrystal Author



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