Behind Closed Doors…

Behind Closed Doors by
Johan Botha

Available on Smashwords and on Amazon.

Review by Flamingcrystal:
The poor boy suffered brutal physical and emotional abuse!
I’ve purchased the Afrikaans version of this book too. I was shocked at the suffering this boy had to endure through his brutal, drugs and alcoholic sex-crazed father, and the story moved me to tears. If I have to meet this horrible father I shall kick him so damn hard ~ that he lands on his hands and feet, buttocks in the air, face down into cowdung ~ straight into Egypt!

Product Description on Amazon:
Behind Closed Doors is a book about unresolved grief, sexual and drug abuse and a look at the seedy world of a psychotic parent.

Exploring a darker side of sexual child abuse and the struggle of the child to cope with this, the book is a must read for each and every one of us.

Being sexually abused by both family members and his father, Johan is taken into the world of drugs, sex and alcohol by his father.

Forcing Johan to have sex with other men his father cruelly dominates his whole life.

Scared to death and scarred for life Johan has to make the best of it in order to survive. He becomes a loner and creates his own imaginary world of heroes and culprits.

He has trust issues leading him to live like a hermit since his childhood.

For the rest of his life he has commitment and responsibility issues.

He has to learn to cope with this as an adult and survival is a key issue to Johan.

Writing this book helped him to heal and his ideal is to reach other going through the same in order to let them know that they are not alone!

Praise received for Agter Geslote Deure:

This book has grabbed me deeply with the open honesty and soul baring of the author. It took 35 years to fight against it all. Where you find yourself is not a joke. Even against the people that are supposed to love and guard you. How does a person heal? This is one of the questions I ask myself when I see the pain that this child has to cope with. This book grabs the deepest parts of being human and in the 35 years that has gone, where was the people in the system? Where are the adults and professional people … ?

About the Author:
Johan Botha is the Author of Agter Geslote Deure and is in the process of completing various other fiction titles.

Johan has been writing since the age of 16 but only recently started re-editing and submitting his work.

He is in the process of completing various other fiction titles.

Creative writing is a passion with Johan and he has gone the extent of giving up everything else to follow a lifelong dream.

He will be giving lectures at schools and venues to make other aware of sexual and drug abuse.

Johan grew up in Johannesburg and now lives on the East Rand. His influences are Wilbur Smith, Dean Koontz and Stephen King.

Flamingcrystal Author


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