Dancing With Fire : Devika Fernando

Devika Fernando shared this post on Facebook today: “Guess what I just typed? THE END! I finished writing my paranormal romance novel ‘Dancing With Fire’, sequel to ‘Playing With Fire’. As of now, the total word count is 111,927. Now how do I find the patience to let it rest a bit before I tackle revising and editing?!”

“Here’s a special SneakPeekSunday‬ snippet from Dancing With fire (not from the final chapter, don’t even ask me! *lol*)”

“As a short explanation: Hekla is a volcano in iceland, having its own personality and thought voice in the book. In real life, people call it the ‘gateway to hell’, as my research has shown. Welcome fodder for my story…”

Beneath their feet, tectonic shifts were slip-sliding over and against each other, the ground preparing for change.

“I am not the devil,” the Hekla spoke. “I am not the real gateway to hell either. But I know a lot about the devil and hell. He lives in me, you know? A little of him, a little of his fire, is what makes me who I am.”

Felicia was still processing this with her mouth hanging open and the wheels in her mind whirring when the voice continued with hidden glee.

“He lives in you too. And in your fiery companion. Maybe he’s waiting for you? And if he is, will you keep him waiting?”

This time, both Felicia and Kyle had been turned into statues of stunned silence.

Lightning struck, feeling so close that its electric current made the hairs on their bodies stand up. A clap of thunder followed, echoed by a lower, more menacing rumbling from underground.

Felicia cringed, then hated herself for being such a wimp. And she was almost angry at the Hekla for riling her up like this. Telling her not to ask and ponder so much but offering questions and food for thought himself. Was he playing mind games with her? Surely he was too powerful to really care? Why would he want to figure her out?

“Because you are unique, little lady of fire. In all my centuries, I have met many like you, but nobody exactly like you.”

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