Join Joe as he discovers his life isn’t as empty and useless as he thought it had become.

The Man Who Was A Santa Claus by Walter Daniels

Review August 11th, 2015:
No one is too useless to give/receive love…

A phone call changed his life. Joe is wheelchair bound after being hit by a car. He loves children and wants them to believe that Santa and the Christmas spirit is for real. Joe learns that he does not need to be perfect, that even as a disabled person he could make a huge difference in the life of a child who needs love. He realizes that no one is too useless to give/receive love…

Product Description on Amazon:

Join Joe as he discovers his life isn’t as empty and useless as he thought it had become.

When Charlie, the little girl with the big heart teams up with him, they discover the true magic of Christmas.

A peek inside:
Part of what I got, when I became a ‘Nicholas,’ is the ability to be with certain people. What they know about a child, we know. In turn, their ability to relate to children is magnified, so they can help them.

We can’t reach every child who needs it, because there are not nearly enough of us who can do the work. We can’t tell you how you’ll know, but you will know when a certain child needs extra ‘attention.’

When you touch them, to let them on your lap or say hello, they’ll feel the unconditional love that is the Spirit of Christmas.”

From the Author:
I wrote this book for the son of a friend I met in 2009.

In December of 2011, someone living in my apartment building, lamented that her grandchild “didn’t believe in Santa Claus.” The excuse was, “They’re all over the place. They can’t all be real.”

I thought of my friend’s son. He was two that year. I wanted him to continue to believe in Santa, but I didn’t know how to do that.

That night, Charlie came to visit me, just before I went to sleep. She started telling me the story of Joe, and why she, and later her children, “believe in Santa Claus.” 

Over the next few months, she told me the story, with a little help from Joe. I hope that by the time you finish the book, you will “believe,” as well.

If you really love working with children, maybe you’ll have the chance to be a Santa Claus, like Joe did.

5 Star Review: March 19, 2015 by Pat Patterson:
Title: This REALLY needs to be a Hallmark Christmas movie!

If you are not going to use the link, but want to read the book, search for it with the title, not the author name. Reason: it’s listed as being by Wzlter Daniels. Now, frankly, I think Wzlter is a very nice name, and when it comes to brand differentiation, you can’t go wrong with a Z. But, YMMV.

Joe loves kids. He always has. He has none of his own, but he has a reputation of being the go-to guy for stories among his nieces and nephews.

He’s a nice guy, but circumstances haven’t been nice to him. Cars like to hit him, and he is now mostly confined to a wheelchair. So, when he gets a phone call asking him if he’d like to have some seasonal employment, his initial reaction is to say ‘Bye-Bye!’ and hang up the phone.

He doesn’t, of course, and you know who was on the phone, because the title of the book, right?

It was Santa, the REAL Santa, the current Santa, and he’s looking for someone to help spread Christmas around to children who need it.

What do they need at Christmas? Same thing you and I do. What they need is to be loved; to be reassured that love is real, and that love conquers all. It does, you know; and it might just take a crippled Santa to really be able to understand that.

Sure, there are perfect bicycles in the story, and reindeer blowing snot on rude children (always a favorite) but no amount of toys, either kid toys or grown-up toys, will ever be able to work the magic in the life of a child, or an adult, that love works.

Here’s a truth: there doesn’t have to be an actual Saint Nicholas coming down the chimney for the love part to work out. And the people who give and receive love don’t have to be in perfect physical health for it to mean something.

So, Joe gets to distribute some special Santa goodness. It’s not because he was sprinkled with fairy dust (although there is magic involved); it’s because of who he was, before he ever answered the phone.

About the Author:
I’ve been a construction laborer, truck driver, Heavy Equipment Operator, Night Watchman, Landscape worker/driver/equipment operator, EMT-A Trainee, Computer tutor/operator/consultant/custom programmer, and Network Operations Manager.

My Computer career ended when I was hit by a car, while crossing the street. (I did “look both ways.”) Using the insurance money from that, I started FBN Graphics, and FBN Group (parent company).
I had to close FBN Graphics, in May 2001, after another serious car accident, left me unable to run it.

That accident left me with Degenerative Disk Disease, and herniated disks, from T-11 to L- 5. That led to my being in a wheelchair since 2008.

Throughout all of this, my life long interests in writing, Science Fiction/Fantasy, and Survivalism have remained unabated.

Where I can be found:
Twitter: FBNGroup
Facebook: Walter Daniels
LinkedIn: Walter Daniels

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