He has a little black book full of names – names of girls he uses, to avoid his own feelings.

Say My Name by Adri Sinclair

Say My Name is awesome. Billy is such a remarkable like-able character, although her motto is “don’t touch me or you will be sorry.” You will find out why she hates being touched. Bastian is the typical gorgeous bad-ass male, and he was instantly drawn to Billy. I felt every emotion of the characters, their anger, their hurt and loved it when Billy stood her ground against those overgrown bullies. I love how Adri described the dancing and the collecting of the tears at Demon Tears Inn, and the imaginative use of those tears. What a unique twist! I would have never guessed who Billy truly was… I’ve read the first 4 books in the Second Breath Chronicles and would recommend this series to all readers who love paranormal romance. I’ve also downloaded the 5th book in The Second Breath Chronicles ‘Fight or Flight’ and I am looking forward to reading it.


Product Description on Amazon:
Say my name delves into the world of Demolition – but only a little, as it is the world of Hades that really interferes with Billy Carter’s life.

What is SHE hiding, and how will that affect her brothers, her boss’ brother Bastian and his sister Dana?

How do you deal with being an Contact Empath, in a brutal world?

She is a petite girl – looking like Betty Boob – if all things are to be believed. Silent, mostly withdrawn, and looking for a new job as a Demolition Expert.

She does not like to be touched, for a very good reason. She fights in a pub called “Devil’s Tears Inn” for more than just her life.
Her name? Billy Carter,

He is her boss’ brother. A big, bulk of a man who loves blowing things up.

He has a little black book full of names – names of girls he use, to avoid his own feelings. He is a serious man who likes to carry his own weight.
His name? Bastian Goldwen.
Straight foward right? Maybe not.

Bastian and Billy belong together, that much is clear – but what about Asmodai? The Demon Prince of Lust who’s hankered after Billy from the day she was born? What is the story behind the three-headed dog – Cerberus – and his Mother?

This is a novella, tied in to the Second Breath Series, but a stand-alone read. It has all the elements of Paranormal, Fantasy Romance – without the heat but perhaps a few roller-coaster rides.

Expect the unexpected with this one – and treasure the expected, because the journey is nothing short of a fairytale.
Sex: No.
Expletives: Indicated with squiggles and suggested.
Humour: Plenty.
Drama: Some.
Fantasy: Absolutely.
Book 4 in the Second Breath Chronicles, though it is a stand alone paranormal romance with mythological aspects.

Flamingcrystal Author


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