If you love fantasy/sci-fi as much as I do, Nicholas Rossis’s books are great!

If you love fantasy/sci-fi as much as I do, Nicholas Rossis’s books are great!


(1) April 30, 2014 my review of The Schism:
A great introduction to Pearseus Rise of the Prince
The Schism starts with the space ship UES Pearseus with a lot of celebrities on board. Under the influence of the voices in his head, First Mate Croix could not concentrate and disaster strikes which throws the space ship through space…and time. The ship falls apart and a lot of the people on board being killed. Some were lucky escaping with pods and crash landing on another close-by planet. First Mate Croix still under influence of the voices in his head, now has the ambition to become a Dictator. The Schism is a great introduction to Pearseus Rise of the Prince.

(2) May 8, 2014 My review of The Power of Six:
I highly recommend this set of six stories.
I love all 6 of this short Science Fiction Stories, by the bestselling author of “Pearseus Rise of the Prince”, and “The Schism” – Nicholas C. Rossis. My favorite story here is “A Fresh Start” – love is more important than gems- I also had a good chuckle at a certain part in this story, in my Minds’ Eye popped up a very funny picture- of the late Johann Sebastiaan Bach- that suddenly comes to life, lifts his eyebrow – then smirks, while huffing and puffing lifts his piano then wields it as if it’s a sword…

(3) August 19, 2014 my review of Pearseus, Rise of the Prince: 
It moved me to tears! Almost from the beginning, it amazed me. The cruelty of Styx moved me to tears, as did the subsequent feelings of suspense, relief and shock as the story unfolded and the ending drew closer. This is a highly recommended book, that I couldn’t put down. I’m now looking forward to the next book in the series.

(4) July 2, 2015 My review of
Shoot the Devil in Issue #1 Nonlocal Science Fiction:
My favorite from the 10 short stores in Issue #1 of this Nonlocal Science Fiction, is Shoot the Devil by author Nicholas C. Rossis. I could felt the protagonist glee when he traveled back in time to kill a scum-bag. I would recommend that you buy all of the issues printed by Nonlocal Science Fiction! *Contemplating* Hmm, if I could travel back in time what would be the one thing that I would do that could change history forever…well with the horrific events in current South Africa, I would have kicked a certain politician till kingdom come, before he could be elected and in doing so it would have prevented that he would spend R246 million of the tax-payers money for his own financial gain…

(5) July 3, 2015 My review of Infinite Waters:
Lucid dreams become a very scary experience…
My favorite short story is the one with the twins that hated each other so much that they fought each other while having lucid/astral projection dreams…
In this dreams their thoughts about each other guided the outcome of this very scary experience. I would recommend this book to science fiction lovers & those who enjoy reading supernatural stories.

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