Something to TICKLE your Fancy.

VHP Author Paul Zunckel

Step into the darkness of Africa with me…Don’t be afraid…after all, it is just my imagination.images (67)

Or is it?

Blood Moon over Africa…Breaking News…NOW IN AFRIKAANS IN E-BOOK FORMAT.

TBT BMOA Release clip

A growl shatters the stillness around them, and into the moonlight walks a creature that only nightmares are made off, Veronica stiffens as she sees what has invaded the yard, she feels Pastor Steve jerk next to her, and from Peggy comes a gasp of utter disbelief, that carries across the space between them and the creature, Philip buries his head in his hands at the sight of it.

Standing in the moon light, looking directly at the chicken houses, seeming to look right at them is a man, a man with the head of a hyena, it growls low in its throat, and slowly starts to make its way across the yard towards the chicken houses, its eyes glowing…

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