The noise they hear is just the dragon waking up and blowing warm air to heat the house.

Meet Eric B. Thomasma an author who is fond of writing stories for children as well as stories for Young Adults & grownups.

Sam And The Dragon #kidlit (Kindle Edition) by Eric B. Thomasma

Product Description on Amazon:
Sam told his mother, “It really doesn’t get cold. That’s just a myth, like dragons and unicorns.” But he soon learns the truth about winter… and dragons.

Sam and the Dragon – You’ll never see your furnace the same way again.

Sam and the Dragon was selected for the KART Foundation’s 2011 Kids Book List.

From the Author:
This is my first children’s story.  The inspiration for it came from an incident that happened many years ago when our boys were little. 

We lived in a mobile home and every time the furnace turned on it made a lot of noise. 

Each time the boys would immediately stop what they were doing and ask “what’s that?” and at some point, my wife walked them down to the cabinet that hid the furnace and told them that a dragon lives in there and the noise they hear is just the dragon waking up and blowing warm air to heat the house.

From that time on, whenever the furnace turned on, the boys would say “the dragon’s awake” and continue playing.  I wrote the story a few years later. (On my Commodore64.  It was that long ago.)

After publishing my first novel, SEAMS16: A New Home, and while I was working on my second, SEAMS16: Arrival, I thought of that old story and asked my brother, Lanin, if he would be interested in illustrating it. 

He agreed, so I dug the story out and looked it over.  I’ve learned a lot about writing since then, so I gave the story an overhaul before passing it on to Lanin.

I publicly asked for help in naming the story and my niece’s daughters (age 3 & 5) suggested “Sam and the Dragon”.
Works for me.

About the Author:
Born and raised in West Mitten, USA (Grand Rapids, MI), Eric still lives in the area in a house he built, (literally), with the help of his wife, Therese, and two sons, Eric Jr. and Nicholas, (and various other friends and relatives).

The boys are grown and gone, although they both live in the area. Eric and Therese have managed to get past the empty nest syndrome and currently only share their home with their two dogs, Sable and Tucker, and a cat, Liza.

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Product Description on Amazon:
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Flamingcrystal Author


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